If you are a general (paid) member of the PAPJC, and have art related announcements you would
like to make to the group, we will be happy to post them on the website for you.

You are welcome to post announcements about your upcoming  art shows, awards, or other art
related news.Use the  
"Contact the PAPJC" button on the left column of this page.  Do  try to
give us plenty of lead-time for posting the information.  Send your information to the e-mail
addresses listed below.  THANK YOU!

The PAPJC  reserves the right to recommend/endorse what workshops will be posted on the site.  
Use of member e-mail addresses:
If you give us permission to include your name and e-mail address on a list for the group to
share, we would like to request that you  use these addresses only for mutual, personal
correspondence so members are not overwhelmed with massive group e-mailings. (Please,
don't just copy the headers for this reason either.)
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